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Start Circular Projects

Empty lightbulb with plant - Attribution: Bruno Scramgnon (2014)

Are you based in the Yorkshire region and have an amazing circular idea that you'd like to explore in a bit more detail?  Are you willing to share your best practices to help the region to become more circular?  Then perhaps you'd like to add your ideas to our Circular Projects Database.

What is the Circular Projects Database?

The Circular Projects Database is a list of circular ideas, generated by local authorities, local enterprise partnerships, businesses and voluntary sectors.  These are ideas that they would like to explore, or develop further but currently lack the academic input or capacity.

What will you do with the list of projects?

This database will be shared with University partners in the region as a list of potential opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate and research opportunities.

How will this benefit my organisation?

This would provide a win-win for both parties as the students and academics can develop their ideas in a ‘real world’ environment and in return provide stakeholders in the region with the opportunity to explore possibilities to support the transition to a circular Yorkshire.  This would drive efficiency, improve productivity, improve reputation and support the region in becoming a national leader in circular thinking.

I'm not sure if my idea is a circular economy idea..

Not a problem.  From our extensive review of the region, we have found that many organisations are applying circular thinking, but are often calling it something else! Get in touch and let's chat through your ideas.

Sounds great - how can I apply?

Get in touch by emailing Anne Velenturf or Mike Howroyd and we'll go from there!